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The 2022 Goals Journal
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Strategy Saturday

Do you need accountability and dedicated time to set yourself up for a successful week?

Strategy Saturday Weekly Planning ToolKit
  • $29.99


Strategy Saturday Weekly Planning Course & ToolKit
  • $199.00


Take a Virtual Goal Course

Take Your Goal Game to the Next Level by Taking One of Our Virtual Goal Setting Courses. After registering, you’ll have access to all course material, videos and any worksheets that are needed for your course.

Our virtual courses and live replay courses  are housed in Teachable Platform. You will need to have or start an account in order to access the materials. After your payment has been processed, you will receive an invitation to join the course via Teachable.

Please sign up before your purchase the course at below to get more information.

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[Virtual Course] Sheréa VéJauan’s 2022 Business Marketing Calendar Workbook and eCourse
  • $49.00
[Virtual Course] 2022 Goal Slayers Virtual Boot Camp
  • $199.00
Gift Card: The Goal Setter's Club Gift Card
  • From $10.00
Goal Intention Bracelet - CUSTOM CLASSIC BRACELET
  • $20.00
Gym & Juice - Sheréa VéJauan s 5-Day Juice Challenge Guide
  • $4.99
Mug: The Goal Setter's Club
  • $15.50
Dream Big: Crop Hoodie
  • $38.00
Mug: Dream Big!
  • $15.50
Ladies' short sleeve t-shirt
  • From $22.50
7 Simple Steps to Achieving Your Life Goals
  • $8.99
Mug: Goal Slayer
  • $13.95
[ebook] As a Man Thinketh
  • $0.99
[ebook] Acres of Diamonds
  • $0.99
[Free] Motivational Quotes to Keep You Inspired Throughout the Year
  • $0.00
Gift Card: $5 Goal Setter's Club Gift Card
  • $5.00
[On-Demand Virtual Course] A Beginner's Guide to a plant-based diet + 21-Day Plant Based Challenge
  • $29.00

Every Day With Sherea

Welcome to Every Day with Sheréa - A daily goal accountability moment with Sheréa VéJauan. My goal is to check in with you each and every day to share a simple tip, resource, quote or strategy to help you achieve your life goals.

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Blog Posts

I am driven by my goals to reach new heights

I am driven by my goals to reach new heights Each goal I accomplish brings me closer to my dreams. My goals are realistic, and I enjoy accomplish...

Be Humble. Sit Down. Then Stand Up.

    Be Humble. Sit Down. Then Stand Up.Generally, things are going well for me professionally. I recently got promoted. And I passed my state exam...

It's Okay!

In the last few months, I have been experiencing a great deal of anxiety. But the scary thing is, I know everything will be alright. It's not the ...

On The Path to Peace with Sheréa VéJauan

Are you looking for true peace in your life? Do you want to rid yourselfof worry? Learn the secret to finding God’s peace, which surpasses allun...

Affirmation: A new purpose for my life has been...

A new purpose for my life has been revealed to me.It is now time to put this new purpose into action.My life has been filled with a lot of learning...

52 Mondays w/ Sheréa VéJauan! Week #14 Invest i...

 “It pays to plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark.” - unknown

Sheréa VéJauan’s Strategy Saturday Playlist – n...

These are some of the song selections that I play every Saturday morning while planning out my upcoming week to keep me motivated and focused on my...


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''I use Sheréa VéJauan's yearly goals journal with my family. It's helps us to stay focused and balanced all year.''

sherea Vejauan

Professionally I have reorganized my business and become more profitable and better organized. Personally I have been able to plan my retirement and am no longer afraid of becoming lost in my free time. I have the tools that I need to make my retirement more fun and productive. Thank you Sherea, from the bottom of my heart. ''

Peggy Lindquist - The Corner Store

I’ve been a follower of the Goal Setters club for a few years. 2020 was my first year becoming a member and purchasing the journal. This was the best thing I have invested in. The weekly meetup makes me accountable for completing tasks. The journal shows me what to focus on. Gives great resources that can be used for your lifetime.

Crystal P Anthony - Tax Preparer, Real Estate agent and Notary

Goal setting is very important to me. Using Sherea’s journal is an excellent tool for a person to get one’s dreams out of your head and onto paper as a goal. In addition, taking her classes helps hold one accountable and helps to keep you on track.

Debbie Dee
My Personal Goal-Setting Journey
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