Sunday Reflect & Reset: Weekly Reflection Insights with Coach Sherea - June 30

Sunday Reflect & Reset: Weekly Reflection Insights with Coach Sherea - June 30

Every week, I take a moment to pause and reflect on the events of the past week, setting intentions for the week ahead. As we close out June, I also take time for a month-end reflection, evaluating the highs, lows, and lessons learned throughout the month.

This week has been a whirlwind. While some details are still under wraps, I've faced challenges, both physical and spiritual, that have truly tested me. Through it all, I've emerged stronger and even have a new book idea brewing, inspired by those who doubted me. Here's to growth and leveling up!

Reflecting on June: June was a month of intense emotions and significant events. From celebrating at my daughter's baby shower to navigating her premature labor and hospital stay to mourning my mother-in-law's passing, it's been a month of highs and lows. I also marked Juneteenth for the first time and witnessed my daughter's boyfriend begin his journey with the United States Marines. On a lighter note, my husband has become my new gym partner, adding a positive twist to the month.
Expectations for July: As we enter July, I eagerly anticipate becoming a grandmother as my daughter prepares to welcome her baby. Professionally, I'll be completing my 90-day probation at my new 9-5 job, ensuring my assistant is fully onboarded and ready to work independently, and launching our marriage podcast. July marks my full dedication to my business, where I'm anticipating significant growth and results.

Lessons Learned: Reflecting on these experiences, I've learned invaluable lessons in resilience, time management, and embracing change. Each challenge has shaped me into a stronger individual and leader.

Reflection Questions for You:
How do you handle unexpected challenges in your personal and professional life?
What strategies do you use to maintain balance during emotionally intense periods?
How do you approach new beginnings and transitions in your career or personal journey?

Writing these reflections not only allows me to process my experiences but also connects me with a community dedicated to growth and resilience. I invite you to join me on this journey of reflection and anticipation as we navigate life's ups and downs together.

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