There are 151 days left in 2017. It's not too early to calendar small steps towards your goals

There are 151 days left in 2017.  It's not too early to invest in a 12-month 2018 calendar and start planning small steps towards achieving our goals. Use your yearly calendar to set benchmarks to help you stay focused throughout the year. Put your calendar somewhere where you’ll see it every day and make notes each time you achieve a goal. Remember, a goal that isn’t dated just sits out there, with no urgency to encourage you to complete it. A date to aim for will give you a firm context for planning and will increase your commitment. You can do it! This giant 6ft x 3ft calendar will be the one that my family and I will be using in 2018.  We'll be using the dry erase surface for use with dry erase markers or paper surface for use with regular pens, pencils, and markers. Get your 2018 calendars by @NeuYear & save 10% at Features - Large squares: 2.34" x 2.65" - Sunday first format - Months flowing together - Space for goals & accomplishments next to each month - Includes Day of Year and Days to Go for each date - Light dots on each date help you list multiple plans for the day - Federal holidays in red - Mid week indicator on every Wednesday This will work well for a team or office that plans long range events. The large size of the squares helps you more easily read dates & events from across the room. The unique format is officially awesome & helps you plan across months more easily.

Check out the Facebook Live Video I recorded earlier this year.

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