New Year’s Resolutions for Christians

New Year’s Resolutions for Christians - Attend Church More Often

5 Do you have difficulties with  New Year’s resolutions?  Are there some things you’d like to change?  How about your spiritual health?  Have you ever wanted to pray more, read more, fellowship more?  But it just never happens. Beginning the New Year with a realistic goal in mind can  be exciting and inspirational. However, it can also be a challenge to commit to. But the end result can do wonders for improving your self-confidence as well as those around you who witness your success. One of the most common New Year’s resolutions for a Christian is to attend church more often, serve regularly, and get more involved. You may already be attending service each Sunday, which you should be commended for. However, this can become routine and unchallenging. To exercise your God given abilities for growth, you might consider attending a mid-week service, short term mission trip , community outreach,  small group gathering, or a weekend event that involves ministry. These activities can make an enormous impact on your spiritual health.   The New Year is a great time to start, but most resolutions often fade and dwindle away within the first month.  Why is that? Perhaps it  was not strategically planned or structured for success. Planning to achieve is not difficult if there is a realistic approach taken. Organizing time, schedules, activities, and events are important when planning. This will create a sense of commitment and allow a space for it. Attending church more often can also help improve your social life as you will  get to know other members of the church and their families. Here are a few suggestions to kick off the New Year:
  • Join a small group or consider joining or starting a new ministry.
  • Keep a calendar of all church events and make sure you attend at minimum – one per month.
  • If you are already committed and involved in your church; Invite your friends and family and use this opportunity to share God’s love with them.
  • Consider bringing a few kids from your neighborhood to church with you. Use this opportunity to mentor them while introducing them to God.
If you are a committing your life back to Christ, and don’t yet have a church home.
  • Look for a list of churches in your area by visiting the covenant at
  • When you do find a church, check their website and see what events interest you so you can get plugged in right away.
Your Goal: This year, make it your goal to:
  • Attend church more often
  • Get plugged into a small group or ministry, or help someone else get plugged in
  • Attend more events
  • Attend a mid-week service
  • Take short-term missions trip
  • Participate in a community outreach program
  • Be more social
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