New Group Page for YMM Media CEO Mastermind Group

36518_497427840336592_1245085311_nYolanda Mason,  of YMM Media CEO Mastermind, facilitates monthly meetings for CEO's, CFO's, Founder's, Executive Directors and or Corporate Executive's to connect and learn from each other.   Each month the team meets and discuss business opportunities and come up with next clear steps for the development and growth. They also use Sherea VeJauan's  "2017 Goals Journal" as one of the journaling resources.  Click on the "buy now'' button below to get your journal while supporting  YMM Media CEO Mastermind group.

2017 Spiral-Bound Goals Journal ( available until Feb. 31st) 

More Quantities

52 Mondays Goal Kit ( includes 1 paperback cop of "My goals journal"  )

52 Mondays Goal Kit