Get access to a community of support and accountability

The Goal Setter’s Club offers access to our  VIP Goal Setter’s Group for those who have made an investment in our 2017 Goals Journal


Our brand new 2017 Goals Journal is more than just a journal. It gives you access to a community of support and accountability. Once you’ve made an investment in our journal (your journey), you will have access to our private VIP FB group that will provide additional online support and resources to help you accomplish your goals.
What you'll need to join our group:
If you have any questions, please email us at   This journal will inspire YOU to plan and take immediate action toward achieving your present and future goals. This is a must-have for “Goal Setters”. This journal will help you
  • Discover simple and effective tools to reach your specific goals
  • Overcome stress by creating life balance in 12 or more areas of your life
  • Apply tested planning principles and productivity techniques
  • Gain practical wisdom that will assist you now, and in the future
  “Be a Goal Setter”
Sheréa VéJauan Co-founder,  “The Goal Setter’s Club”