52 Mondays Goals Challenge: Week #49 - Ride Your Momentum

iphone6plusmockup-copy“Success is like a snowball. It takes momentum to build and the more you roll it in the right direction the bigger it gets.” -Steve Ferrante

Today is December 4, 2016 and this is week #49 of our 52 Mondays challenge. Our goal is to break this year down – one Monday at time. The challenge for week 49 is to increase your momentum rather than getting sidetracked by holidays. It could be very tempting to give up on your goals during the holidays and wait to start all over in January – Don’t do it! If anything, I need you to step it up a notch and end the year with success. As a matter of fact, use this holiday time to cross off a few travel goals, work on a relationship by inviting “THAT” family member over for Christmas. Us this time of the year to work on your giving goals. Start a new business and get that last minute tax break. This is not the time to slow down, it’s the time to build momentum. I’m excited to hear about what you’ll do this week.  Comment on the post below or send me an email at sherea@vejauan.com Here’s our 52-week Monday plan: Read, Do, Journal, and Plan  
  • Do: Increase your momentum rather than getting sidetracked by holidays
  • Journal: Using your 2016 Goals Journal – continue to  work on your giving goals.
  • Plan: Write out your goals for next week – using your 52 Mondays Weekly Goal Focus Worksheet.
  • 2017 Goals Journal: A One-year Personal Goal Achievement System by Sheréa VéJauan is available at goalsjournal.net
  • Summary: 52 Mondays – Vic Johnson: The One-Year Path to Outrageous Success & Lifelong Happiness by Business News Publishing http://amzn.to/1wKfFa0
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