Get your passport. Stop playing.


The past few days have been spent focusing on my travel goals. I am updating my vision board and working on my 2021 goals journal.


For the past six years or so, my number one goal has been getting a passport.  But why has it taken me so long to get one?  The reason might be that I have no desire to travel internationally. 


In my own experience, I have not traveled much, and I attribute it to a mix of introversion and a scary cat. Flying, taking a cruise ship, or driving long distances used to scare me. However, after taking a few mini travel challenges, joining a few travel groups, and reading several travel books, I've changed my mind.


In this week's reflection, I asked myself;


One. Is getting my passport really my number one travel goal, and if so, why haven't I achieved it?


Two: Do you fear getting your passport because you know an opportunity will come along with it when you obtain it, and you will actually be ready for it when it does.


I was thinking that's how it is with other life goals. They aren't accomplished because we can't, but because we are scared it will lead to the next big goal - and maybe we aren't quite ready yet.


Today, hold me accountable. I will have my passport before this same time next year.


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