Book Bars With Sherea VeJauan: "Oversubscribed" by Daniel Priestley, Page 11

Book Bars With Sherea VeJauan: "Oversubscribed" by Daniel Priestley, Page 11


"It only takes two people to drive up the price at an auction."


I'm thrilled to be a member of The Morning Meet-Up Book Club, where we explore insightful books together. After reading about ten pages every night, we gather the next morning to discuss a sentence or two that profoundly resonates with us - an event we call Book Bars. This week, we're reading "Oversubscribed" by Daniel Priestley, and my latest Book Bar is on page 11.

This quote, "It only takes two people to drive up the price at an auction," immediately had me reflecting on an unforgettable experience with CURLBOX by Myleik Teele. I remember the frenzy surrounding getting the box just for the ladies, but once a year around Father's Day, she would drop a men's box - the limited edition box for the fellas. So you would think, since the email list is primarily women - why even drop a box for men? Because she knew that audience needed a gift for their man – genius. I couldn't help but marvel at the power of exclusivity. The anticipation, the waiting list, the rush to purchase—it all exemplified the concept of scarcity and its impact on demand.

After two years of missing out, I finally got through! I literally had my email notifications and credit card ready. I knew I had less than 20 minutes or I’d have to wait until next year. And it felt like a double victory. Not only did it bring joy to my husband, but it's one of the best gifts so far that he continues to talk about - he found some of his favorite products in that box.

Unfortunately, they closed their business in 2023 – but this year I found myself on another list - The Last Crumb, and yes, I just paid $140 for some cookies - somebody come get me.

Reflecting on this, I'm reminded of the importance of creating moments of exclusivity in our own business. Whether it's a limited edition product or a one-of-a-kind event, the goal remains the same—to create a sense of privilege and excitement among our audience.



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