📚 Book Bar Alert! $100M Offers - Action Step: Give, give, give, give, give until they ask. Pg 91

My Book Bar comes  from page 91 of "$100M Offers" by Alex Hormozi

"Action Step: Give, give, give, give, give until they ask."

This quote hit home for me in a profound way. For years, I've been dedicated to giving and helping others without expecting anything in return. Whether it was providing website assistance, crafting press releases, or designing book covers and logos alongside my husband, we did it all out of a genuine desire to help.

People would reach out to us, asking for our expertise, and we were always ready to lend a hand, no questions asked. We never sought payment because we believed in the power of giving.

But now, as I find myself in a different season where financial stability is crucial, I'm realizing the importance of asking for what I need. It's a shift in mindset, from giving generously to recognizing my own worth and confidently asking for what I deserve.

It's a journey back to the beginning, to rediscover the balance between giving and receiving. And I'm ready to embrace it fully.

So here's to giving generously, but also having the courage to ask for what we need. It's all part of the journey toward success and fulfillment.