The Power of Red: How Lipstick Became My Workday Armor


For over two decades, I adhered to a subdued beauty routine, choosing light, unobtrusive lipstick shades that matched my introverted disposition. I avoided anything that might draw too much attention or come across as overly bold, concerned about being perceived as conceited among other women. This was part of a broader narrative I had constructed about myself and my place in the world. However, my perspective began to shift dramatically after discovering Chris Do, whose insights on branding inspired me to rethink not just my business’s brand, but my personal one as well.

Embracing a new era of self-expression, I decided to simplify my morning routine while making a bold statement: my hair styled in a sleek ponytail, a pair of simple black glasses, and striking red lipstick. This wasn't just about aesthetics; it was a strategic move to streamline my preparation process and reinforce my professional persona.

The red lipstick quickly evolved from a mere cosmetic choice to a symbol of readiness and determination. Each morning, as part of my routine for the 4 AM accountability calls, applying my red lipstick became a ritual that signified the start of my workday. It was as if with each swipe of red, I was not only enhancing my lips but also activating my work mode. This simple act of applying red lipstick became a psychological trigger that helped me transition into a state of focus and productivity.

What began as an experiment in personal branding transformed into a powerful daily practice that reinforced my professional identity and work ethic. The red lipstick, once a symbol of boldness I shied away from, became my signature look and a reminder that I am at my best when I am fully engaged in my work.

Think about your morning routine. Is there something you can incorporate that not only boosts your confidence but also signals a shift into your professional self? Maybe it’s a pair of shoes, a special tie, or perhaps, like me, a swipe of lipstick. I invite you to find your version of red lipstick. Join our One Year Success Program, where we explore and refine personal branding techniques that fuse authenticity with professionalism. Let’s make every day a statement of who we are and what we stand for.


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