Set a Goal to Grow

At the Goal Setters Club, we dedicate each month to a specific life goal topic. Last month, we focused on our fun and recreational goals—I even had to retrieve my skates from the garage (though, I assure you, there will be no videos of that). This month, our focus is on personal development goals.

Let me encourage you this week and throughout the entire month of July to establish a growth plan for yourself. Investing in your personal development is crucial in today's economy. Take some time this week to indulge in reading magazines, books, listening to audiobooks, and watching educational documentaries. Challenge yourself to learn a new word, acquire a new skill, or even explore a new language. The internet offers a wealth of tools that can facilitate your self-development and enhance your mental abilities in a way that fosters lifelong routines and self-improvement.

Among the various methods of learning and acquiring knowledge, I believe reading books is one of the most effective ways to expand one's horizons. In your 2023 Goals Journal, you'll find over 100 book recommendations that can serve as invaluable resources on your personal development journey.

As we embark on this month dedicated to personal development goals, I urge you to commit to your own growth. Embrace the opportunities for learning and self-improvement that surround you. Remember, investing in yourself is an investment that pays dividends throughout your life. So, let's set a goal to grow and make significant strides in our personal development journey together.