Rethinking Tradition: A Mother's Day Revelation


For the last 35 years, Mother's Day has looked much the same for me: a day spent working from home with just a brief pause to celebrate with my family. It has become a tradition that on this particular day, I do what I love most—work. My family understands this well; they respect my choice, knowing I prefer the comfort of home over bustling restaurant celebrations.

Last year, my daughters managed to convince me to go to brunch. While it was good, it also reinforced why I don't enjoy the crowded Mother's Day scene.

However, this Mother's Day brought with it a sudden revelation. As I sat working, the familiar rhythm of my Mother's Day routine didn't feel quite right anymore. I realized that what I truly wanted was a change. This time next year, I envision something different: I'll have a virtual assistant managing my business, and instead of my usual workday, I'll be boarding a plane, destination unknown.

This realization highlights a powerful lesson about the importance of flexibility and the courage to redefine our traditions when they no longer serve us. It's easy to get caught up in routines, even ones that are meant to celebrate us, forgetting that sometimes, the best way to honor ourselves is by embracing change and seeking new experiences.

Recognizing this need for change was as surprising as it was liberating. As I plan for the coming year, I'm inspired not just to dream of new possibilities but to actively create them. This shift in how I observe Mother's Day is not merely about changing a date on the calendar—it's about transforming how I value and celebrate my time.

If you've ever found yourself sticking to routines that no longer bring you joy or fulfillment, let this Mother's Day be a reminder that it's never too late to change course. Are you ready to redefine your traditions and embrace new adventures? Join my One Year Success Program, where we not only set goals but turn them into reality. Let's break the mold together, creating futures that excite us. Sign up today and start your journey to a more fulfilling life.

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