Our Monthly Goal Strategy eNews for February is ready!

It’s February and it’s relationship month. It’s a great opportunity to focus on all relationships. Kids are getting gifts for their teachers; bosses are getting gifts for their employees. It’s like Christmas for relationships.

Nurturing and maintaining relationships requires commitment. Many of us have become so busy with work and other obligations that we don’t get around to scheduling time with our family and friends. You could be the most dedicated person in the world when it comes to your fitness routine but your happiness is going to be severely impacted if you have terrible relationships with your spouse, children, family and friends, parents, co- workers and so on.
Since I’m an introvert, I have to make sure I pay special attention to this area of my life. Besides church, you usually won’t see me at many gatherings, parties, or local events. Although I love my family, friends, and Facebook fans, I could stay home all day, every day, and be good with that. Just my MacBook and me.

If you already have great relationships, it is easy to overlook this life goal category.However, if you have struggled in this area (like me), then you probably see why this category is so powerful in a person’s overall growth and development. This year, set a goal to delve deeper into your relationships.

Use the month of February to discover ways to make all your relationships stronger, including business, family, and friendships. Show, and tell, your friends and family that they are loved and appreciated.

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