New Beginnings: Embracing Change for Growth

Yesterday marked a pivotal moment in my life's spiritual journey. After being a member of my current church for nearly a decade—volunteering, giving, supporting various ministries, and building relationships—I realized the new year was calling for a transformation. It required new tools, heightened support, and a deeper sense of maturity. So, I took a profound step: I joined a new church. This wasn't a decision made lightly; it was the culmination of much contemplation, visiting, having deep conversations, and finally, a 4-hour orientation. It was a heartfelt realization that both my husband and I needed a space for growth, marriage support, and healing.

This big step reminded me that growth often requires stepping into unfamiliar territory. It's about finding environments that challenge us to evolve, support systems that uplift us, and communities that foster our healing. As we set new goals, they inevitably ask something of us—sometimes, they ask us to make bold moves.

Just as I found a new spiritual home to support my personal and marital growth, it's important to consider what your goals are asking of you. Are they nudging you toward new experiences, asking you to seek out new communities, or to equip yourself with new tools?

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