Divine Rejection: When a Book Cover Became a Lesson in Faith and Resilience

Divine Rejection: When a Book Cover Became a Lesson in Faith and Resilience

Today, I encountered an unexpected challenge that tested not only my patience but also my resolve. A graphic artist I was referred to for designing my book cover declined the project after learning that it included the word "God."Despite the shock of this refusal, my reaction surprised me even more: instead of contesting or arguing, I calmly requested a refund. The transaction was reversed without dispute, but the incident left me with a profound need to reflect on the significance of the very word that caused the rejection.

This experience illuminated a valuable lesson about growth and spiritual integrity. As an author and a believer, the presence of "God" in my work is non-negotiable—it reflects my core values and message. The artist's refusal to engage with this aspect of my identity reminded me that not every collaboration is meant to be and that, sometimes, rejections are divine nudges toward a more aligned path. It reinforced the importance of staying true to my convictions, even when faced with professional setbacks.

The rejection became a moment of affirmation rather than a setback. It compelled me to delve deeper into why the inclusion of "God" in my work is crucial, strengthening my commitment to express my faith openly and unapologetically. This incident, while initially disheartening, sparked a renewed dedication to finding a collaborator who not only respects but embraces my vision.

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