Conquering Fear: The Day the Rain Didn't Matter

Conquering Fear: The Day the Rain Didn't Matter

For the longest time, driving in the rain was my most dreaded experience. Just knowing it was a 10% chain of rain would have me in tears. I would check the weather every day, and I lived in California, so it rarely rained - but when it did, ya girl was never prepared.

But today, it rained, and to my own surprise, I didn't hesitate. I drove without a second thought. Then, it hit me: I actually love the rain—the soothing sound, the earthy scent. I even have a pair of favorite rain boots.

My fear wasn't the rain itself; it was driving long distances, not trusting my car, disliking how others drove, and struggling to see clearly. Today, I wasn't scared because I had a new pair of glasses, a short distance to travel, and the chance to wear my favorite boots.

The realization dawned on me that sometimes, our fears are not about the task at hand but about not having the right tools or support. We may not trust the "vehicle" that carries our dreams, or the path to our goal seems too far, too unclear.

As I'm still conquering my fear of driving in the rain, I wondered how many of us are holding back because we feel ill-equipped or we don't trust the journey.

Is there a goal you're shying away from because it feels too daunting, or you lack trust in the elements around you? If so, it's time to get equipped with the right tools, support, and vision. 

Now is the time to turn your fears into triumphs. Let's brave the storms together. 

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