Breaking Routines: A Day of Unexpected Pleasures

Breaking Routines: A Day of Unexpected Pleasures

Traditionally, Mother's Day for me has been entirely predictable: locked away at home in my pajamas, in my own space, fully embracing the quiet joy of doing exactly what I want—which usually means working and eating in peace. This year, however, unfolded differently. Instead of my usual seclusion, I ventured out, driven by a spontaneous urge to shake things up. I spent quality time with my daughters and talked to my son who lives in Portugal. My husband treated me to a manicure and pedicure. I was going to go next week, thinking it would be less crowded, but it turned out that God made space for me, and I enjoyed every moment.

If you know me or have read any of my personal blog posts, you know I hate driving and shopping. But for some strange reason, I was overcome with the urge to visit the mall—where I actually enjoyed shopping—followed by a quick trip to The Habit where I indulged in some fattening fries and a milkshake, savored in my car with my eyes closed.

Returning home, I continued with more treats and a movie and even managed to squeeze in some work on my business. The day was a series of uncharacteristic choices that not only surprised my family but surprised me as well. I know this may not seem like a big deal to some. I didn't take a cruise or a trip around the world. I had a $6 shake in my car, not a fancy dinner at a restaurant. I didn't spend the weekend bungee jumping or on a $10,000 shopping spree. But I broke a tradition—a tradition that once served me well but does not anymore.

This unexpected shift in my behavior highlights a profound truth about personal growth and change. Often, we box ourselves into identities based on past behaviors and perceived preferences. Yet, growth means that we aren't static; we evolve beyond our yesterday selves. If the intention is to grow, then breaking out of our comfort zones is not just beneficial; it's necessary. Today taught me that embracing activities I typically avoid can lead to delightful discoveries and fresh enjoyment of life.

The shock from my family—and from within myself—was a clear sign of just how much I've changed. It served as a reminder that growth often comes in the most unexpected forms and at unexpected times. By stepping out of my comfort zone, I not only created new memories but also redefined what makes me happy.

Have you ever surprised yourself by enjoying something you thought was not for you? Whether it's embracing a new hobby, altering a routine, or simply trying something out of the ordinary, these experiences are vital for growth. Let today be a reminder to step beyond the familiar.

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