6 Ways To Rejuvenate Your Passions This Spring

Spring brings the perfect opportunity to shake off your winter vibes. Get in tune with the all the new growth around you and make some positive changes in your life: try these 6 ways to rejuvenate your passions. 

  1. Declutter. Give yourself more breathing room. Use spring cleaning as an opportunity to discard things you rarely use. List them for sale online or donate them to a charity shop.
  1. Exercise outdoors. Take a break from the treadmill. Find an outdoor tai chi or yoga class.
  1. Learn a new skill. Ask your human resources department about any training programs available in your workplace. Order a catalog from your local community college. Take a course on project management or negotiation skills.
  1. Lighten up your workspace. Hang up new wall art or change your computer wallpaper to a new image like colorful birds or a country lane.
  1. Unleash your creativity. Make time for creative pursuits. Visit an art museum and really engage with the works. Tour an art supply store for new ideas for craft time with your kids. Build a birdhouse out of wood or from a gourd you grew yourself.
  1. Update your look. When you look better, you feel better. Treat yourself to a spa day. If money is tight, give yourself some home treatments like a rose water skin toner or avocado hair conditioner.

The spring season is the perfect time to welcome more passion into every aspect of your life.