52 Mondays w/ Sheréa VéJauan! Week #1 Set a Goal to Live a Healthier Lifestyle


“Growing old does not make us sick, it’s growing sick that makes us old.” -Tim Morrow.

Today is Monday, January 3, 2022, and we are on week #1 of our 52 Mondays Goal Challenge. We are going to  break this year down - one Monday at a time. 


When I do workshops, some of the most popular goals on everyone's list are to eat healthier, lose weight and exercise more. Most of us struggle with staying on track, and we often give up and quit. Without good health (physical and mental), we won't be able to achieve any goal, at least not for long.


With interruptions like holidays, potlucks, social gatherings, and vacations during the year, implementing a new exercise routine and setting health goals can be dramatic and require a great deal of commitment, support, and discipline. So, stay positive! Establishing daily, weekly, monthly, and annual routines can help you succeed.

Use this week to set and achieve your physical health and fitness goals. 

 Have an awesome Monday!



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