Goal Slayers are Planners – Upcoming Events, Holidays, Challenges & Random Get-Togethers!

  • April 19th: Sundays at Seven with Hosted by Sheréa VéJauan
  • April 22nd: Earth Day
  • May 1st – 30th – 30-day Self-care Challenge with Sheréa VéJauan
  • May 10th: Mother’s Day
  • May 27th: Memorial Day
  • June 1st-5th – 5-day Gym & Juice Challenge
  • June 16th: Father’s Day
  • June 21st Summer Begins
  • August 3rd – 5-day Water Drinking Challenge with Sheréa VéJauan
  • September 14-18 – 5-day Gym & Juice Challenge
  • January 9th: Save the Date: 10th Anniversary Celebration Goals Journal
  • Jan 11-15th 2021: 5-day Gym & Juice Challenge Jan 11-15th 2021

Sheréa VéJauan

 author of  the 2020 Goals Journal, as well as several other books and journals. Sheréa resides in Southern California, devoted wife of twenty-eight years to her husband Brian, and mother to their three children, Reginald, Jasmyn and Kennedy. Visit her  at https://shereavejauan.com/