October Goal Focus: Spiritual Goals

“We are not human beings in search of a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings immersed in a human experience.” -Wayne W. Dyer

At the beginning of each month, I focus on a specific goal category and then plan my monthly and daily activities around them. I always review my yearly goals journal to track my progress and see what I need to work on. Afterwards, I’m ready to select my main goals for the month.

For the month of October, I’m working on my spiritual goals. I realize that setting spiritual goals mean different things to different people. Since I am a Christian woman, this post will be geared towards my specific belief system, however, please feel free to use what you can to help you with your spiritual goals.

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions for Christians is to attend church more often, serve regularly, and get more involved. Unfortunately, like most resolutions, these often fade and dwindle away within the first month due to a lack of strategic planning or putting in place a structure for success.

Planning to achieve is not difficult if there is a realistic approach taken. A key to success is to be sure to schedule your activities on your calendar. This will create a sense of commitment and allow a space for it. Let others know your goals and how you hope to reach them. Friends can inspire you.

You may already be attending service each Sunday, which you should be commended for. However, this can become routine and unchallenging. There are many ways to exercise your God-given abilities for growth that you can begin right away:

  • Join a small group.
  • Consider joining or starting a new ministry.
  • Keep a calendar of all church events and make sure you attend at minimum – one per month.
  • If you are already committed and involved in your church, invite your friends and family and use this opportunity to share God’s love with them.
  • Consider bringing a few kids from your neighborhood to church with you; use this opportunity to mentor them while introducing them to God.
  • Attend a mid-week service.
  • Commit to participating in a short-term mission trip.
  • Engage in local community outreach.
  • Participate in a weekend event that involves ministry.

These activities can make an enormous impact on your spiritual health and others. They also can help improve your social life as you get to know other church members and their families.

Your spiritual goals are very important. Whether it’s finding a quiet place to pray, read, meditate, or joining a church.  For the month of October, spend some time on the spiritual goals section of your journal.