Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you sow.” -Robert Louis Stevenson

For the month of December, we’ll be focusing on our giving goals. What better time can we pick to plan our giving. Not only is this season an atmosphere of giving, It’s the last month of the taxable year.

Use the Giving Goals section of your journal to plan your monthly giving, end-of-the-year giving, charity donations, and non-profit involvement. Consider setting up automatic giving for next year.

Also, each week, you can join me live, every Tuesday morning at 6am in the Reclaimed Queens in Blue Jeans Ministry (Private Group Page). I host the Queens Crown Collaborative: Goal Getters Series w/ Sheréa VéJauan. Each week, I give you a simple goal tip and one exercise that will help you reach your 2017 goals. Check out this video I did for the Queen Crown Collaborative on giving goals


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