I believe that using quotes on a regular basis will help keep you inspired. This is another great tactic that can really help you stay motivated and ready to act every day.

Find motivational quotes that hold some type of meaning to you. Then, simply place these quotes in places around your home and at work where you can read them several times a day. You can use specific quotes pertaining to your goal or general goal-oriented ones.

Here are four simple steps to using motivational and inspirational quotes to achieve your goals:

1) Decide to change your way of thinking:  The first step towards what you want to accomplish is changing your mind and the thought patterns and beliefs associated with your behavior. Thoughts occur before any action takes place. That’s what needs to be changed first–your thoughts.

2) Choose a word (or words) to focus on:  Choose a word that relates to the goals you want to accomplish. (For example: family, fitness, finance, career, etc.)

3) Find a minimum of three motivational or inspirational quotes:  Based on the words you chose, search the Internet for motivational and inspirational quotes that relate to that specific word (e.g. health quotes). Try to find quotes that are powerful enough to change your thought pattern. Quotes that force you to pause and think for a moment.

4) Write & Repeat: Write them down and carry them with you. Read and meditate on them. Repeat them several times a day.


Below are some of my favorite go-to websites to find motivational quotes.

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