April Focus on Home Goals

“You don’t need a ‘Pinterest Perfect’ home; you need a home that works for you and makes you feel alive.” – Emily Ley

Whether you own, rent, or share a room with someone, it is important that you are intentional about the atmosphere you want to set in the spaces that you live. I do a lot of work outside of the home; however, when I step into my space I want it to feel like home. 

“Home” means something different to all of us. Some of us grew up in a home atmosphere that we want to forget about, while others grew up in homes where we want to continue the family traditions, holiday meals, and cherish fond memories. 

Growing up without my parents and siblings, I found it very difficult to enjoy birthdays and special holidays. When I started my own family, I tried to make these days fun and memorable for them, despite my own emotional struggles.

My ideal home atmosphere is always full of love, laughter, peace, and good food. I love to keep fresh flowers, essential oils, and candles throughout my home. 

Use this section of your journal to create goals for your home. Do you want your home to be quiet and peaceful, or loud and full of laughter? Do you like it dark and cozy, or airy and full of light?