I believe that through knowledge and discipline, financial peace is possible for all of us. – Dave Ramsey

Let’s admit it. Things, and dreams, do cost money. But, unless you consider turning water into wine an actual skill, then I am not the one to give financial advice. However, everyone’s goal in life is not to become a millionaire. It is very important that you know what your financial goals are; a great place to start is with your current income, current obligations, and future goals. A simple measure could be to Earn, Budget, Give, Save, and Spend. How much do you want to earn? How much are your current financial obligations? How much do you need to save? How much would you like to give to charity? How much would you like to spend on yourself?

Use your 2019 Goals Journal to record your goals for earning money, saving, investing, charitable giving, and credit building goals. Also, visit the link below for my top resources and tips for this goal category.

This month, I’ll be focusing on my finance goals: I started with these…

  • Win $50 Million Dollars from the California Lottery (Don’t Judge Me, I’m giving 15% to my church!)
  • Increase my yearly income by (xxx,xxx) by picking up extra freelance work and/or creating new products
  • Tithe more than 15% of all of my income to my church
  • Create a solid savings plan
  • Pay off all past debt and become debt free
  • File my taxes on time
Sheréa VéJauan is the author of the 2019 Goals Journal, as well as several other titles, including, My Goals Journal, Realistically Speaking: Speaking What’s Real, Keeping What’s Holy, 7 Simple Steps to Achieving Your Business Goals, 3 Simple Steps to Creating a Powerful Vision Board, 52 Mondays Companion Journal, and many others. Sheréa resides in Southern California, devoted wife of twenty-five years to her husband Brian, and mother to their three children, Reginald, Jasmyn and Kennedy.