The Goals and God Combo Pack by Sheréa VéJauan is the perfect way to start your new year!Sheréa VéJauan has created a two-book combo to help you develop a daily prayer and reflection practice while living out your God-given abilities.This 2 Book Combo Pack includes:

1 - Paperback Copy of 2023 Goals Journal: A One-Year Personal Goal Achievement System Inspiring You to Dream, Plan, and Take Immediate Action Towards Your Goals

1- Paperback Copy of COFFEE CANDLELIGHT & CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD: A Personal Gratitude and Prayer Journal - Revised and Expanded Edition


Having trouble sticking to your goals? This 2023 Goals Journal was created by Sheréa VéJauan to make it easy for you to stay organized, gain insight, motivation, and inspiration.

In this book, Sheréa VéJauan shares the challenges and triumphs of her own goal-setting journey as she introduces the Seven-Step Method, an innovative and disciplined approach to reaching your goals. The method challenges you to unlock your full potential and accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

Through self-reflection and evaluation, you will learn how to set achievable goals while understanding your own motivations. Start by creating a vision of what you'd like your life to look like in terms of spirituality, financial stability, and social inclusion at work, in your community, and at home. As you learn how to create a goal plan, set milestones, and take action, you will be able to lead a balanced and ideal life.

This 2023 edition includes…
Sheréa VéJauan's Seven-Step Method for Goal AchievementGoal-Setting Themes for Each Month
Sheréa VéJauan's 50 Tips on How To Successfully Achieve Your 2023 Goals Recommended Reading List for Goal Setters and Achievers
Goal Routines to Use as a Guide
Motivational Quotes to Keep You Inspired Throughout the Year
Sheréa VéJauan s Purpose Playlist
Space for Monthly Reflection Check-Ins, Success Notes, Aha! Moments and Brilliant Ideas
And so much more!

Coffee, Candlelight & Conversations With God

The perfect companion to start your day with prayer and thanksgiving, Coffee, Candlelight, and Conversations with God invites you into an atmosphere of calm and comfort, fresh-brewed coffee and fragrant, flickering candlelight, as you prepare your mind and heart to be present with God.

For years, Sheréa VéJauan has been using 1 Timothy 2:1-4 as a template for morning prayer and self-reflection. Now, she shares with you her pathway to spiritual mindfulness, as she invites you into an experience that provides a personal roadmap to help you contemplate the daily workings of the Lord in your life. Her newest journal, a format she has used herself for more than five years, plots a course for your thoughts that encourage you to:

Start your day with thanksgiving
Recognize what God has already done for youSubmit your prayer requests
Affirm what you already believe in
Forgive those who have wronged you
Spend time praying for others in need

The journal also features inspirational biblical quotes to help you get started on each entry, and is designed to help you connect more deeply with yourself and your faith.Commit to recording your spiritual reflections each day, and you will have a window into God’s will and purpose for your life as you look back over the days, months, and years at how he has answered your prayers!Enjoy your mornings, enjoy your coffee, and most importantly enjoy your conversations with God!

Sheréa VéJauan

Sheréa VéJauan (Pronounced shuh-RAY VAY-jahn) is an entrepreneur, podcast host and workshop presenter. She is a published author of over eleven books and journals. She is the co-founder of The Goal Setter’s Club - a coaching organization that specializes in goal-setting exploration, plan implementation, and purpose attainment. Sheréa is also a Certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker with the John C. Maxwell Team and certified DISC Behavioral Analyst. She resides in Southern California, a devoted wife of thirty years and mother to three adult children. Visit her at