“It’s not bragging if you can back it up.” – Muhammad Ali


Before you get started on future goal setting, take a look at your past accomplishments. Having a mental picture of what you’ve already done well will help you build confidence as you focus on achieving your current goals.

This is your chance to list every win, no matter how big or small. If you aren’t sure what to include, ask your colleagues, family members, or close friends. They’ll often view your achievements differently than you do, and will give you more credit than you think you deserve.

This is also a great opportunity to keep visuals in plain sight.  Consider keeping photos and awards on display throughout your home or office. Surrounding yourself with the tangible evidence of your past triumphs can be a great source of encouragement to keep moving toward your next goals.

If you have a copy of my goals journal, take some time to record your highlights of the month. There’s space in the back of each section for you to acknowledge these wins. This is so important because it’s a reminder of the hard work you’ve done. Reviewing the results of your efforts is also another level of accountability that helps you see how well you’ve been able to stay on track.

Here are a few things to consider

  • What goals did you achieve last year (or in previous years) that you are very proud of? (e.g. I finished my eBook)
  • List at least three positive adjectives that best describe who you are today (e.g. caring, loving, smart):
  • List at least three things that you are skilled at (e.g. accounting, public speaking):




Sheréa VéJauan is the  author of  the 2020 Goals Journal, as well as several other books and journals. Sheréa resides in Southern California, devoted wife of twenty-eight years to her husband Brian, and mother to their three children, Reginald, Jasmyn and Kennedy. Visit her  at https://shereavejauan.com/