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Sheréa VéJauan’s 2019 Goal Slayers Boot Camp Launching this Summer on Teachable. The Goal Slayers Boot Camp is a virtual bootcamp-style club that encourages  adults to discover their purpose, create a life plan and reach their potential by focusing on goals in 12 areas using a simple 7-step process created by co-founder Sherea VeJauan. Sign up at 

We help you stay focused throughout the year with our 

  • Weekly Saturday Strategy emails
  • Weekly live check-in’s on our VIP Facebook Group page
  • Live monthly meet-ups in The Inland Empire
  • Access to our goal lessons on our online teachable portal

After you will sign up on teachable, you will also gain access to Sheréa VéJauan and a community of support and accountability through our VIP Goal Slayers Group on Facebook. Our private VIP FB group will provide additional online support and resources to help you accomplish your goals.

In order to be the most successful, Here’s what you’ll need to join our Goal Slayers Boot Camp:

***Please Note: All of your lessons will be available in the Teachable platform. However, our primary communication will be through our closed Facebook group. If you are not on Facebook or social media, it may be difficult for you to get access to the all of the material and goal challenges.

Other ways to stay connected:

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