52 Mondays W/ Sherea VeJauan! Week #36 Set your Family Goals


“All great change in America begins at the dinner table.” -Ronald Reagan

Today is Monday, September 3rd, and this is week #36 of our 52 Mondays challenge. Our goal is to break this year down – one Monday at a time.

Today, it seems most families don’t spend much time together anymore. Everyone has become so busy. Perhaps you are single or your family is distant, or separated. Don’t let this stop you from setting goals in this area of your life. You can establish what types of relationships you want to have with your in-laws, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, etc. You may also list how you want to support your family by asking them what goals they have, and act as a coach to help them achieve them.

Use this week to work on the family section of your journal to create the goals you have for your family.


Master Your Monday with Sheréa VéJauan

Do…the work

  • Do: Each week, remember to read my weekly blog post and do the exercise. Sometimes, I may post a blog, do a video or record a podcast – or all of the above.
  • Plan:  Plan your week using the 52 Mondays weekly goal sheet available as a free download on my website.
  • Journal: Each month we focus in on a particular goal category in our journals –This month we are working on our personal development goals.
  • Read your 2018 Goals Journal


“Remember, you are the same today as you will be in five years, except for two things: the people you meet and the books you read. Choose both carefully.” ― Charlie “Tremendous” Jones
One of my yearly personal goals is to read or re-read at least 100 personal development books this year. Some will be Kindle books, Audible books, or traditional paperback books. If you have a great book recommendation that you feel would help me please email me at Sherea@shereavejauan.com.
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