I’m an early riser. There’s just something wonderful about being the only one awake, when I can take ample time to enjoy the silence, to covet some personal quiet time before the bustle of the day begins and everyone comes looking for me for one reason or another. I find I get so much more work done! But most importantly, I use that time to connect with God. 

Each day, between the hours of three and four in the early morning, and immediately after expressing my gratitude to God for waking me up, I head to my kitchen to brew a pot of freshly roasted coffee,  paired with a few of my favorite candles to create a warm glow both inside and out, it helps me to center my thoughts on the coming moments, and quiet my mind in anticipation of sharing my thoughts with God. 

That’s my ritual. I depend on God to guide me and get me through each and every day. I’m convinced that I can do absolutely nothing without Him. I have found in the years I have kept a journal for prayer and thanks, that this practice of looking back brings even more gratitude to many blessings in my life. 


Here’s are my daily morning book reads


  • The Holy Bible: Although I have a physical copy,I like to use the Bible on my phone (YouVersion) I can highlight sections, create posts for social media and more. http://www.youversion.com/
  • Coffee, Candlelight & Conversations With God: A personal Prayer & Gratitude Journal  by Sheréa VeJauan https://amzn.to/2wy0FCR 
  • Commanding Your Morning Daily Devotional: Unleash God’s Power in Your Life―Every Day of the Year by Cindy Trimm  https://amzn.to/2P8ZPmw  
  • 2020 Goals Journal: A One-Year Personal Goal Achievement System Inspiring You to Dream, Plan, and Take Immediate Action Towards Your Goals by Sheréa VéJauan https://amzn.to/2HI5PhX