Record your journey

keep a journal about your goals and dreams

  Begin keeping a journal about your goals and dreams, or whatever you’re working on at the time. Be sure to write down your achievements, brainstorm ways to overcome obstacles and record solutions that worked for you. When you feel in need of some motivation, go back and read a few pages of your journal […]

Get a Jump-start on your 2017 Goals w/ Sherea VeJauan’s 2017 Goals Journal!

Get a Jump-start on your 2017 Goals w/ Sheréa VéJauan’s 2017 Goals Journal! Now Shipping! How many times have you made a list of New Year’s Resolutions,  only to fall short of achieving your goals? Sheréa VéJauan’s 2017 Goals Journal can help you end that cycle. With her unique Seven Step Method to setting and […]